Written translation
We provide written translation into more than 40 languages!
OKAY7 translation agency offers written translation and interpreting into more than 40 languages regardless of the type and complexity of the text.
We deliver written translation of the following official documents for use in Bulgaria and abroad:
Personal documents
1. Municipal documents (all kinds of certificates);
2. Educational documents (diplomas, academic records, transcripts, certificates);
3. Court documents (criminal records, court decisions, real estate deeds, powers of attorney);
4. Bills of sale of automobiles, car registration licenses, customs declarations;
5. Documents certifying length of experience;
6. Medical documents (medical records, references, medical history reports);
7. Bank documents (bank references);
8. Documents issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the Public Prosecution, and the Police (driver’s licenses, police records, permits);
9. Church documents (birth and marriage certificates issued by churches);
Company Documents
1. Memorandums of association, articles of association, contracts, trade agreements;
2. Accounting documents, invoices, etc.;
3. Customs declarations, all kinds of customs documents;
4. Business travel authorizations;
5. Powers of attorney, declarations;
6. Decisions for registering with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce;
7. Certificates for quality;
8. Patent certificates;
9. Licenses;
10. Bank references;
11. Automobile registration licenses;
Text translation
1. Specialized text in the following subject areas: law, business, technical, medical;
2. Literary texts;
3. Technical documentation;
4. Commercial documents- faxes, current status statements, declarations;
5. Business and personal correspondence with confidentiality guaranteed;
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