Highly motivated, experienced team of professional sworn translators-linguists, manager, courier.
Our translators
Our team of more than 100 professional certified translators offers translation services into more than 40 languages.
Our translators have been selected for their distinguished translation and language skills, their ability to deliver accurate work within the required time frame and their dedication to customer satisfaction.
Our translators are linguists qualified in the field of written translation and interpreting and are accredited by the Consulate Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
To guarantee the precision of each translation, the translators present a notarized sworn declaration for performing accurate translation.
To guarantee the secrecy of each translation, the translators present a notarized sworn declaration for non-disclosure of any information pertaining to the content of the document being translated.
Our manager
Our manager has been working in the field of the language translation for more than 10 years, during which time she has gathered a lot of experience and professional skills in the field of language translation and legalization. She is a skilled and motivated manager with a special care and and flexibility in the name of our clients' success – Our success.
What does she do for you:
- Provides consultations and discuss with you our services, prices, the shortest and fastest way of your document to the desired result at the best price.
- Assigns your project to the right translator, constantly supervising the execution of your order.
- Coordinates the work on your document through the different stages of the process- client-translator-proofreading-formatting-courier-legalization-client.
- Handles our clients with a big smile on her face, doing her best to make you feel comfortable while you are in our office, or talking to her on the phone.
Our courier
Reliable, always on schedule, he tirelessly delivers documents certified by the different government institutions to our clients at the required time. Day in and day out he waits in long lines for you, saving you precious time. At your request he delivers your documents right to your door- one less thing to worry.
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