We offer affordable, competitive prices
The price of a translation is calculated per page consisted of 1800 symbols, including spaces. You can easily control the number of pages in the electronic versions of the text using the Word Count function from Microsoft Word's Tools menu.
The number of physical pages of the text for translation or the text being translated is not used to calculate the price.
The price formation is based on several factors:
- group of target language;
- specifics (specialized, non-specialized) and complexity of text;
- type of service: standard or express;
We also offer discounts for volume and special discounts to our returning customers.
Groups of languages:
1. English, German, French, Russian;
2. Spanish, Italian;
3. Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian;
4. all the other European languages;
5. Turkish, Chinese;
6. all the other world languages
With regards to the turnaround time we offer 2 kinds of services:
1. express – within 8 working hours;
2. standard – within 24 hours;
For text consisted of more pages we apply the following criterion: 7 pages per day.
The price for legalization and certification is based on:
1. the type of document and the state stamps required by the corresponding institution for certification;
2. the number of the required certifications;
3. the cost of the delivery service;
Payment in BG lev is possible in several ways:
- by postal money order to:
44, Kniaginia Maria Luisa Blvd, ground floor
Sofia 1504
- by bank transfer:
Bank: Post Bank, Maria Luisa Branch
Account#: BG41BPBI79401059260301
- pay cash in our office
- pay cash to our courier in your office
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