Sofia, Bulgaria
44, Maria Luisa Blvd, ground floor

Adjacent to Passport Office and Border Police nearby Lavov Bridge.

Our office is located between Kiril and Metodii St. and Pop Bogomil St.

00359 /2/ 983 68 62

00359 / 886 196 348

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:30
no lunch break
Frequently asked questions
You ask – we answer!
How do you calculate the number of pages of the final translation?
The number of pages of the final translation is calculated electronically using the Word Count button from Microsoft's Tool menu. We divide the total number of signs including spaces by 1800 and we get the number of pages.
How do you determine the price of a translation?
We determine the price of a translation on the basis of the target language, the complexity of the text, and the turnaround time.
How do you determine the price of a legalization of a document?
We determine the price of legalization depending on the type of document. The different types (legal, municipal, medical) require different number of certifications and government stamps at different costs.
I live outside Sofia. How can I send you my documents for translation and legalization, and how can I pay?
You can send your documents with delivery service to our exact address, and pay with a bank transfer. We can send you back the documents with delivery service.
How long will it take for the translation and legalization of a High School diploma?
The legalization of a High School diploma takes 3 days. It is required that you present a notarized copy sealed by the Ministry of Education. To seal a copy, the Ministry of Education requires that the diploma be brought in by the owner or by a family member (mother or father), for which a birth certificate has to be presented. Another way is to authorize one of our staff.
Are there any specific requirements for the legalization of a court decision issued by a Bulgarian court?
Yes, the court decision should be supplied with recent signatures and seals of a judge and a secretary.
I am leaving the country to live abroad and I need to have all my personal documents translated and legalized. Do I need to have copies or should I bring my original ones?
Yes, you need to have copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, sealed with the rectangular seal of the municipality they are issued in.
What is a standard or express service?
A standard service for translation is rendered for 24 hours, and the express service – within 8 working hours.
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