We perform all the required document certifications in all institutions.
We do everything necessary for your document issued in Bulgaria (Bulgarian document) to be accepted for legalization.
For this purpose we perform all the required delivery services regarding the certification of Bulgarian documents in the corresponding institutions – apostille at the Consulate Relations Directorate and the Ministry of Justice, certification of official documents in all the government institutions and organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria. We certify the translations legalized by the Consulate Department in the consulate offices in Bulgaria of those foreign countries, which require certification. We provide notarized copies of your documents.
We furnish your documents with all the state stamps in the cases when this is required, thus saving your valuable time.
The certification of documents by the Consulate Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by the corresponding Bulgarian government institutions, and consulate offices of foreign countries in Bulgaria guarantees the validity of the Bulgarian official documents abroad.
What documents need to be certified?
- birth certificates;
- marriage certificates;
- marital status certificates;
- diplomas;
- appendices to diplomas;
- academic records;
- criminal records;
- documents issued by the court;
- notarized powers of attorney and declarations;
- bank references and certificates;
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